Pre-Cut Decking

The problem

If the staircase, floor joist and deck elements are not designed as a single system, the builder may see superficial cost savings in the joist framing, but be oblivious to the waste and installation problems being experienced in the design office and especially on site. These factors have hard costs attached to them, which ultimately comes back to the builder and outweigh the saving he thought he was making on simply the joist package.

Deck layout A

Deck A is not untypical and it represents a joist layout that has not taken into consideration where the deck joints will land on the joist frame and the red indicates panels that will need to be cut, resulting in flying joints that will require H Frames below, or worse, cutting the panels to land on the joists losing the benefit of the connection of the T&G.

The solution

Deck B using bespoke optimised CAD/CAM decking software FloorPro, Staircraft takes into account the most optimised deck layout relative to the joist configuration, cutting it out on our CAD/CAM driven machine station and providing it as simple numbered and labelled deck kits. This instantly eliminates waste, dust, speeds installation and reduces the need for the use of skill saws at height.

  • Pre-Cut Decking
  • Pre-Cut Decking

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