Factory fixed hi-visibility end blocks

Following on from our in line M&E hole cutting, and linked to Part L of the Building Regulations, it is a requirement to ensure that the home / fabric does not leak heat through the gaps in the structure.

With the end of an I Joist allowing air passage if it is not in some way blocked, it is now standard practice to use an end cap or end block fitted on site. This is simple enough but often fails to be done properly as the end caps have a propensity to go missing, fall off or never arrive in the first place.

Having taken a close look at this element we have concluded that the best way forward is to take this aspect three steps further by:

  • factory-fitting them onto the cut to length I Joists, and then:
  • make them highly visible so that quick checking by the site manager or NHBC inspector is made easy to ensure compliance
  • thermally model the element to deliver the best Y/Psi value score for SAP

The result is that they are fitted correctly and can be easily checked by the installer, the site manager or the NHBC inspector guaranteeing that this part of the building element will not let the performance as designed down, literally ensuring that the “GAP” is filled.

  • Factory fixed hi-visibility end blocks
  • Factory fixed hi-visibility end blocks
  • Factory fixed hi-visibility end blocks

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