Pre-drilled Service Holes

Most I Joist products come with ‘knock out hole’ capability, but these are exclusively for electric runs and not plumbing and ventilation. As Part L of the Building Regulations become more stringent surrounding the issue of energy retention and heat recovery within the structure, the importance of the right balance of ventilation and to ensure moisture carrying air is effectively removed from inside the house will see a rise in the need for more managed ventilation resulting in increased ducting within the floor zone. This is inevitable as the insulation and airtightness increases to meet the performance targets measured through SAP.

Meeting the need

In anticipation of this industry trend, we have commissioned in line CAD/CAM configured hole cutting in our new I Joist line. The CAD/CAM driven hole cutter will read where the holes need to be from the M&E layout and applied directly to the floor plan. Combined with our highly visible labelling system, this will ensure that the right joist is placed in the right location with the appropriate size service hole cut correctly without damage to the joist.

Removing the problems

Eliminating the random and often haphazard cutting of the I Joist web, this will significantly reduce call backs relating to hole cutting error, speeding up installation of the pipework and virtually remove the need to use skill saws at height for this purpose. As with many of our innovations designed to meet industry and changing site skills , this service will be provided to the builder at no or very little extra cost.

  • Pre-drilled Service Holes
  • Pre-drilled Service Holes

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